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I love writing ... and do a lot of it ✍️ 

Non-traditional paths are the future
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The power of living by your definition of success
Creating the opposite of loneliness

I also love having great conversations...and do a lot of that too 🎙 

If you are looking for an enthusiastic speaker, workshop leader, or podcast guest to jam about community building, goal planning, non-traditional career paths, or the future of social, send me a note.

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Spill The Beans
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Community & Connection with Dana Ray
Courier Magazine
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Community Builders

OH, and I also love building workshops, facilitating events, and participating in mentorship programs. 

These are some of the awesome companies I've had the pleasure of doing this with ⬇️

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A few pics to prove it 📸 😉 

Led a goal-setting workshop at Third Nature's summer camp for 70+ entrepreneurial-minded adults

in the Pocono Mountains.

May 2022

Designed and led a leadership conference for the Future of Higher Education Slack group

in Denver, Colorado.

October 2021

I clearly love bringing people together.
It's sorta my thing.

So, naturally, I also design and lead my own free events, just for fun.

Including regular meet-ups for community leaders based in NYC 🏙 and virtual show-and-tells.

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