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If you are looking for community, do you seek it out directly? Or do you find something that gives you access to the community? In this world of virtual learning, so many people are looking for a community of like-minded humans to connect with, yet what they sign up for is a workshop, webinar, conference, or course. If what you want is the community, why not look for that first?

  • Writer's pictureTaylor Harrington

There's something magical about doing something at the same time as a large crowd. Clapping at the end of an incredible Broadway play. The first few strides at the beginning of a race. Singing with strangers while waiting for the next subway. Laughing at a joke together in a movie theater. Rising in the stands of Yankee Stadium after a homerun. There's a powerful feeling of togetherness that happens in those types of moments, a feeling that Marina Keegan called the opposite of loneliness. I miss that feeling of being in a crowd when greatness happens and getting to celebrate it together.

  • Writer's pictureTaylor Harrington

It won't be perfect, but nothing ever is.

The concept of shipping quickly gives us permission to put our work out into the world without holding onto it and letting it marinade until we believe it's "ready".

I admire leaders who hit publish every single day. No excuses. It's a practice. They've put themselves on the hook. It's selfish to hold onto a project for years, waiting to hit publish. By keeping your ideas inside, you're not getting your work out there to the people who care. You're stealing the possibility that your work could really make a difference for someone. Welcome to my blog.

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