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I'm coining a new term, JOCO. It's a cousin of FOMO and JOMO...that you've never heard of. Here's why it's my new favorite term...

We've heard of FOMO (the fear of missing out) and JOMO (the joy of missing out) for those excited to take a break from social activity.

But, what about the joy of connecting others, JOCO?

The pure excitement of saying I know this person and I know another person and they should connect because of this specific reason, and then making it happen. That brings me so much joy.

And, I greatly appreciate it when a fellow Connector introduces me to a human I should know and they're very intentional and clear about why we should be connected.

If you ask me, meeting the right people at the right time can change everything. The more specific you can be about why two people should connect, the more generous the act is.


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