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Wrestling with the resistance

Doing 'the hard part' sucks ... but there are two ways to get through it in a less painful way.

1) Do the hard part sooner rather than later.

2) Find encouragement cheerleaders.

If you're putting something off because it's too hard, that's a good sign you should do it first. Waiting until later gives the task power and free, prime real estate in our brain (that it doesn't deserve!).

1) Name it. Put 'the hard part' physically on your to-do list.

2) Break it into smaller tasks, so it doesn't seem so daunting.

3) Make it a priority. Create a deadline and some urgency around it.

A friend of mine (and Groover) Avraham Byers uses a system where he has two to-do lists. In order to start doing things on the second to-do list, he needs to check off everything on the first one.

Follow, Avraham's method; put that hard part of that first list. Then, you have to do it in order to move on.

The second piece of this is finding people to say, "keep going".

A couple of years ago, Ben Platt wrote a song called, "Grow As We Go".

Two lines have stuck with me since the first time I heard them.

"I don't know how this river runs. But I'd like the company through every twist and turn..."

Find people in your life who can be your company as you conquer the hard tasks on your to-do list.

Encouragement cheerleaders keep you on the hook. They check-in. They keep you accountable. They're invested in you as a human and your work.

If you need a sign to do the hard thing on your to-do list you've been pushing off, this is it. Go do it.


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