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Bonding over bingewatching

It's funny to think that many people feel a special bond when they find out someone they know watched the same show. Imagine both of you, on your separate couches in your separate homes, watching this show alone, looking at a screen. Yet, after watching it, you find this bond that brings you together. You probably both fell in love with the same characters, were shocked when an unexpected character turned out to be the criminal, you laughed when the whole gang got back together, and then cried when someone passed away. And, even though you and this other party didn't watch together on the same couch, there's an understanding that you went on a similar emotional rollercoaster when you watched the show separately. Similarly, this is what book clubs are built on. Coming together to talk about what you did separately. It raises the question ... what activities would you rather bond about after, instead of during? Are there many?

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