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Turning on lights

I'm passionate about building projects that turn on lights for people to see possibility.

I don't turn on the lights for them. I help them find the light switch.

Picture that you're inside a house in a dark room. You don't know how many rooms or floors there are in the house. You're eager to grow, to solve this challenge, to move to the next room, but there's a lot of scary unknown ahead.

I'm the fly on the wall that encourages you to peel back the black-out curtains to see that there are lots of other dark houses on the street, a whole neighborhood, with people in similar situations, trying to move forward. You're not alone. They might even wave to you from their rooms and encourage you to keep trying to find the light.

Then, I might whisper a suggestion for where to look for the light switch, but you, my friend, have to find it yourself. I can't turn on the switch for you to see possibility, you have to unlock that from within.

Our lives are a series of walking into dark rooms, learning to figure things out, adjust to what's new, grow, and recognize there other people on a similar journey.

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